A Deep Breath & I Dive Right In!

Hello and welcome to the first ever Vegan Friendly Find!

I’m excited about this blog, as unlike all my other blogs (and there have been many, many, many attempts!) this one is a) something close to me, and b) something really easy to keep going!

Basically my plan is to use this space as a way of highlighting products I have discovered are vegan and are not vegan, as well as my favourite recipes, cosmetics and vegan friendly companies. I’m also going to be throwing in a few reviews for good measure!

There are already many excellent blogs out there that list vegan products and recipes such as:

Sweet Vegan
And Vegan Society

But I’m hoping products that are ‘inbetween’ (aka are technically vegan but have moral issues surrounding them) can be debated and discussed openly here, as well as posting a range of vegan topics, films, book reviews and honest struggles that I have, as blogs and websites tend to stick to one concrete theme (aka baking).

Most importantly though I hope you share with me your discoveries! If I’ve got something wrong or there’s something you know I dont… TELL ME!
We all have to battle that sometimes hazy ground between living a normal life and sticking to our morals, so all and any help is appreciated.

Too many sources are unreliable online, and too many companies refuse to answer questions in fear of a PR backlash.

And to all the guys, I apologise if I post too many cosmetic or ‘girly’ posts, I’m not being biased against your needs, it just I’m investigoogling things I use on a daily basis, and so if things pop up I didn’t know about – like the fact Lush have their own Vegan makeup range (which they do!) – then its gonna go on here!

So yes! I hope you enjoy and can’t wait to start talking to you all! X


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