Benji’s Vegan American Style Pancake Recipe

Ok, so I’m not just saying this because I’m bias and he’s my husband, but before I met Benj, I didn’t realise Vegan food could taste so good!

I’d bought many vegan cook books – a few of them are excellent and I plan to review on here later, but Benj had a way of thinking as a non vegan what would make it taste good for him.

I know how strange that is – a non vegan making the best vegan food – but I think sometimes, someone who has access to the ‘real deal’ if you will, will work harder at making it taste like it, rather than me (for example) who cant even remember what most things taste like anymore!

So here we go – the MOST delicious Vegan American Style Pancake Recipe:


(Makes 6 large American Style Pancakes)

Self raising flour – 200g,
Bananas – 2 bananas – preferably spotty and ripe,
Caster sugar- 50g,
Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon,
1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional – but yummy)
Soy milk – add till right consistency,
Baking powder – 2 teaspoons,
Pinch of salt,
Vegetable Oil for cooking,

*Ok so mix all the dry ingredients together in a big bowl,

*In a separate bowl, put in two ripe bananas and squish with spoon until it looks like this (but make sure you get rid of all the big pieces or else it wont mix right) ….


*Then make a well (or volcano!) with your hands and add the banana goo to middle and stir well,


*Add Soy milk a little at a time and keep stirring until consistency is like cake mixture and it runs off the spoon… Like this…


*If you want crispy, Americana Pancakes add oil to the middle of two non stick frying pans. NOTE: if you don’t have non stick pans definitely use oil.

*Put the frying pans on around 4 and a half on electric ovens or a medium temperature on all other ovens and wait for the pan to heat.

*Note – If you chose not to use oil for health reasons (BOOO) then your pancakes will turn out more like a scotch pancakes/ drop scone.

*Put a drop of the mixture in the pan and if it bubbles/ sizzles then you’re good to go.

*pour a good size pancake in the middle of the frying pan and leave to cook on a medium heat until the pancakes begin to bubble…..


*DO NOT FLIP THEM UNTIL THE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE! I know you want to but dont! Or else you wont get the tasty crispy corners like this….


* Finally flip and cook on the other side till you can squish them in the pan with no mixture coming out.

Benj then puts the cooked ones on an oven proof tray and puts them in the oven on a low temperature to stay warm whilst he cooks the others, this way you can bring them out in one giant stack and look like a boss in front of your friends/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ transgender lover.

so heres the final product! Complete with a helping of the Vegan Friendly Find – Hershey’s Chocolate Flavour Syrup from my last post!


P.s if you want an extra special treat roughly break 25g vegan chocolate in a bowl and add to the mixture and mix just before cooking. The chocolate will melt inside the pancakes and taste like Morrissey’s tears…..Beautiful.



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