Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Nature Valley Bars!

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Is all I can say! So many flavours!

Today’s Vegan Friendly Find is the yummy, scrummy – Nature Valley bars – which you’ll be pleased to know are available all over the world!



Why they’re good? – Don’t have time for breakfast? Need a pick me up around eleven? Fancy a sweet treat after dinner? Or just craving something rammed with sugar?

Nature Valley bars all the way my animal loving friends!

These are possibly my favourite readily available cereal bar, as they are super tasty and always help keep the hunger away.

Whats bad about them – I know they don’t hold the nutritional value of lots of snack bars out there, which when you could easily buy something that gives you that extra boost just next door to these on an aisle, they might be looked over. However they do have a Protein Granola range that adds as an extra boost to my daily intake, with an advertised 10g of protein per bowl.

I think that you just have to think of Nature Valley as a a) non vegan company, who’s products just so happen to be vegan, and b) the price difference between a multipack of these and other products on the market is amazing! They are at least 25% cheaper! which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering this is a luxury item on top of your weekly shop – every little helps.

BEST OF ALL – unlike other products designed ‘for’ vegans where you tend to get only a few flavours. Nature Valley have a whole host of yummy options depending on what you fancy.

These are the list of products that Nature Valley currently have available on the market and are vegan:

CRUNCH range-
Pecan crunch,
Maple Brown Sugar,
Apple Crisp,
Roasted Almonds,
Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Almond crunch
Peanut crunch.

TRAIL MIX range-
Fruit & Nut

Crunchy Almond

Be careful when ordering online though as I’ve checked the ingredients for the above list off of the nature valley website (click the links to go through to the listed products page) however in other countries ingredients may change due to different manufacturing process.

I’m saying this so you all check the backs! As companies are sneaky! Last thing I want is for you to eat anything you don’t want.

Enjoy! X


5 thoughts on “Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Nature Valley Bars!

  1. On the labels of these bars, they say that the nuts are roasted. I thought that roasted nuts aren’t vegan because somewhere along the line they go through fish??

    • Hi! I’ve never heard of this, and after googling can’t seem to find anywhere that says nuts are roasted with fish?! – surely they’d have to put that on the ingredients of roasted nuts for fish allergy sufferers?

      I know peanuts can sometimes contain gelatine so you need to read the label carefully – but can you give me a reliable source where it says some nuts are roasted with fish?

      I will take this post down/ investigate with the company if they do.

      Many thanks! πŸ™‚

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