Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Barry M Red Glitter Nail Varnish

Ok so did you know nail varnish wasn’t vegan? Because I didn’t! It’s not even vegetarian!

Obviously anything that tests on animals should be avoided wherever possible but apparently most shiny – or metallic nail varnishes have animal and bug products in them. Ewwww!

The only bugs I want on my nails are super cute ones, like this:


*please note: this is not my photo

This is a problem for me as I am a big fan of getting manicures, so now I have to take either my own cruelty free polish with me, or google the polish they use whilst there – which kind of takes away the relaxation of it all.

Thats why I’m pleased to let you know that today’s Vegan Friendly Find is Barry Ms Red Glitter Nailvarnish!


This has always been my favourite thing to put on my nails, and now we know its in the cruelty free section, we should all celebrate with a coat of this dazzling, delectable decadence.

First lets look at the results. Then I’ll show you the company’s policy’s (a little bit of bling, then a little bit of a vegan win – ok not my best rhyme, but you find something to go with bling!)


It makes me feel like I’m wearing Dorothy’s ruby red slippers on my hands. Therefore, it is the best polish ever.


Please note – you will need to add two coats to cover the whole of your nails, I tend to find that because its so glittery and thick, it chips, but equally because it doesn’t show brush strokes, you can easily fill in the chipped gap with the polish during your day, perfect if you’re not a dainty housewife who never chips a nail.


The results are great, and at £2.99 its a bargain – So now the company –

Barry Ms website says this – HERE

Our strict No Animal Testing policy

Since our foundation in 1982, Barry M has never tested our finished products or ingredients on animals or engaged another company to do so on our behalf. All companies in our supply chain must provide us with an annual written assurance that no product or ingredient used in Barry M products has been newly animal tested by them after our fixed cut-off date. Our strict policy means that within our company and our supply chain, we do not tolerate cosmetics animal testing.

Through working with HSI, we have now gone one step further and pledged not to permit our products to be sold in countries such as China whilst they require additional new animal testing. We have also pledged not to use new ingredients that become available in the future unless their safety can be assessed entirely without animal testing.

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians, but some do contain animal by-products (like Beeswax), making them unsuitable for vegans. Ranges of products not suitable for Vegans are Natural Dazzle Bronzer, Super Soft Eye Crayons, Blusher Brush & Eye Brush.

All VEGAN friendly products have a V symbol included on the drop down list of ingredients. You can find these on each product page entitled “View Product Ingredients”

Best of all Barry M is a global brand, that not only makes nail varnishes, but makeup! So you can now check out what other products are Vegan on their website, so that when your shopping you can pick one up HERE


I dunno about you, but I’m going to be googling and disposing of a lot of my collection of varnishes in the next few days, and picking up some new, animal free sparkly ones! YAY! X


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