Recipe – Vegan Spinach, Pesto & Tofu Tarts

I set out to make a Spinach Quiche, but as its nearly the end of the month, and pay day is another agonising week away, funds are running low and we didn’t have half the ingredients in the fridge!

So I improvised and came up with these cute little spinach, pesto and tofu tarts instead.

Unlike my husband, I am not a good cook. He makes everything from scratch, whereas I am a firm believer in a helping hand in the kitchen!

I dream of being a domestic goddess like Glenn Close in the Stepford Wives, or Bree Vandekamp in Desperate Housewives.



Unfortunately in reality I’m more like Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.


But these came out pretty good, and they’re damn tasty.

2 heaped tablespoons of vegan butter,
2 tablespoons vegetable oil,
4 tablespoons soya milk
300gms Spinach
2 cloves Garlic
1 vegetable stock cube
3 heaped tablespoons Jamie Oliver Spicy Pesto
2 tablespoons cornflour
Salt & Pepper
349gm extra firm tofu
Vegan Pre-made pastry – or make your own if you can!

Preheat your oven at 180.

Fry your garlic in the oil, then add your spinach, butter, soy milk and pesto in a pan then stir.

I used Jamie Oliver Pesto because it was in the fridge and also wanted to add a bit of spice, but you can make your own, or just add chilli flakes if you prefer.

Crumble in your vegetable stock cube – I used Oxo. Then add salt and pepper to taste.

I know theres a method to squeezing tofu between two plates to get the extra water out – but as said – I’m not one for following recipes, so I just crumbled it into the sauce and squished it all together.

Leave on the hob, on low, to cook for about 10 minutes whilst you prepare your pastry.

Line a cupcake tray with your pastry, pushing down in the corners so that you can get more filling in.

And don’t forget to put oil in your cake tray or else the pastry will stick!

I wanted a firmer texture to my filling so used cornflour to thicken it up.

Now fill up the pastry cases with your filling.


Put in the oven on the medium heat for 20 minutes then its done!


Leave to cool, then enjoy! If we had the ingredients I would serve these with a refreshing lemon dressed salad and Sweet potato fries.


Best thing about this recipe is – with the left over pastry you can make Jam Tarts! YAY!



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