Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Lush Toothy Tabs

Did you know that most toothpastes have animal fat in them? I know EEEEEWWWWWW.

I only found this out a few weeks ago, and living in the Middle East I thought, yeah – good luck finding a Vegan Toothpaste here! There’s calve’s hearts on most menus, so vegan toiletries is not the most demanded produce.

But then, whilst shopping in one of the many air conditioned malls, I came across the glory that is a Lush shop.

Imagine my surprise as I browsed the many lotions and potions, that behind the cashier, there was a shelf of tiny boxes with the word Toothpaste on them.

Hence today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Lush Toothy Tabs


Toothy Tabs have only been on the market for two months, so lots of you might not have seen them, but effectively they are tablets of solid toothpaste.

Obviously as it’s Lush – they haven’t been tested on animals and theres a big Vegan logo on the box that tells me I can chomp on these till the cows come home!

But before I go into the awesomeness of these little buggers, here’s some more about traditional Toothpaste:

Ignoring the fact that most brands are tested on animals, most toothpastes are not vegetarian or vegan in definition, as they contain glycerin which comes from pigs and cows. Some even use ground bones – for added calcium.

Obviously in this day and age if you see glycerin in a list of toothpaste ingredients, it does not automatically mean that it is not vegetarian as there are now a host of ways to produce glycerin, but there is a chance that it might not be.

You can find an ethical toothpaste brand rating list via this link:

The toothpaste brand which received the lowest ethical rating was Crest. Other toothpaste brands which recieved low ethical ratings include Rembrandt toothpasteSensondyne toothpaste, and Aqua fresh toothpaste.

This will help so that the next time you go to the supermarket, if you don’t have a Lush shop at hand, you are buying the most Vegan version you can.

Now! On with today’s find!

Toothy tabs, are solid pieces of toothpaste made in pill form.


They contain all natural ingredients and you simply put them between your teeth, give them a crunch and brush.

Firstly, I need to point out how impressed I am with the branding, packaging and recyclability of this product. Not to mention the natural ingredients!


Secondly, the range of flavours is great! And depending on how you like your toothpaste – whitening, extra fresh etc, theres one for you! You can view them all HERE.

The toothy tabs foam really well, and once you’ve done the crunching part its just like normal toothpaste.


I’m using the ‘Dirty’ tabs and my teeth feel really, really clean and look whiter thanks to the bicarbonate of soda in these bad boys!

The only thing I’m willing to say thats negative about these is the taste.
They don’t taste horrible, but they don’t really taste like you expect toothpaste to taste like. If that makes sense!

After three weeks, I’ve got used the Dirty tabs, and now I can really taste the mint in them, when I first started using them however, I wondered how I was going to stick to doing that two/three times a day as it wasn’t the nicest sensation.

Overall I urge you all to give them a go. They’re good for the environment, good for animals, good on your teeth and its good to support a company like Lush.

Let me know what you think. Would you try them? Do you have them?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – Lush Toothy Tabs

  1. I use toothy tabs for a while now (I use the chou chou I love you and the peppery one, forgot the name) At first it’s so strange and of course the taste most of all. But you get used to them so quickly and my teeth are cleaner and whiter than ever and now I love the “smell of roses” on my breath. I love them and never want anything else anymore. I use half a tablet each brush, for me this is more than enough.

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