Vegan Friendly Restaurant Options

Today’s Vegan Friendly Find post ponders – What to eat when you’re eating out?

I give the five top and bottom Vegan Friendly Find restaurant options.


Ok so we’ve all been there – the family/friends/partner/work take you out for a meal and then comes the embarrassment…. You can’t eat ANYTHING.

You try to explain to a waitress; no meat, no dairy, no fish, no eggs – but most of the time a worried looking chef appears and tells you there’s nothing he can do – apart from, oh yes – a side of chips/ French fries.

I know that this is the sign of a bad restaurant, as it shows their food is pre-prepared and probably frozen, but what do you do? After all, you’re the awkward one. You can’t demand to leave and take people to a vegan restaurant!

Imagine the look on your bosses face as his steamed beans arrive! – No bonus for you this year!

So after seven – nearly eight (woop!) years of experience eating in restaurants this is my top five nationality/types of restaurants to go to.

Top 5

1) Mexican is king – seriously, fajitas, guacamole, refried beans, fresh salad – if in doubt, Mexican it out.

2) Indian is the next best bet. Lots of Indian food such as Biryani and Jalfrezi won’t have any dairy in their recipe. Just make sure you ask for NO Ghee and No Paneer and you’re good to go! 9/10 the poppadoms are vegan too! – Plus if you convince your table to get Rottis and not a Naans to split, you can enjoy those too!

3) Italian is your friend – Penne pasta, tomato sauce, pizza without cheese, bruschetta and olives! *droooool*

4) Middle eastern – falafel, hummus, Thani, lemon dressed salad, stuffed vines leaves, Baba Ghanoush – the choices are endless, you can live like a king on M.E food. Trust me, I live here!

5) Spanish – LONG LIVE TAPAS. When you can get over the alarming amount of fish, you tend to find a lot of choices on a tapas menu. Lots of fresh salad, roasted vegetables in tomato sauces and of course – patatas bravas – effectively they’re posh square chips – but still lush.

Top five WORST restaurants to go to:

1)French – butter, butter and more butter. Plus they find a way to put meat in everything! – “Hey can I eat this onion soup?” …. “No it’s made with beef”.

2) American – I know not all American restaurants are the same, but my experience is pretty darn bad, TGFI’s, Applebees, American type ‘diners’ … either there’s limited veg options, or if there are, you can’t really trust that the part of the grill used to cook ‘vegan’ options, hasn’t had a slab of steak on it seconds before.

3) Kebab houses – Its late, you’re drunk, your friends are walking into a brightly coloured room, with what looks to be a spinning elephants leg being carved. Go home my friend. There is nothing in here for you. Even the deep fat fryer oil has been tainted with chicken nuggets at some point in the last 15 minutes!

4) English – I hate to say it, but it’s true! – Mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, rhubarb crumble – they’re all made from animally goodness, or lard. Yuck.

5) Greek – I know Greece has healthy and vegan friendly options, as it falls along the same lines as the Middle Eastern route (sorry to offend people!) but you can’t order a plain salad, or vegetable sandwich or pizza without it being covered in Feta! ENOUGH WITH THE FETA GREECE!

On a foot note – I think I should really put Thai food as number 5, as they add fish sauce to EVERYTHING. But I’ve had too many near Feta experiences to let this one go!

As it’s my 25th birthday very soon, I’ll be heading out and sampling yummy food, and aim to post the top five Vegan Friendly Find chain-restaurant menu options soon!

Let me know what your favourite eating out options are!


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