Sometimes these are going to pop up – as I’m learning along with you guys.

Today’s Unfriendly Vegan Find – Subway Veggie Patties



When I was a University Student and fairly new to Veganism, I visited my local Subway and inquired what was OK for me to eat.

The guy and girl behind the counter seemed really knowledgeable and told me what breads had dairy in them and what to avoid

They then told me that the product – Veggie Patty was suitable for vegans, as its held together with rice and oil, not dairy.

Looking back I was stupid and naive and should have gone back and checked this online, but I didn’t, and I continued to eat them.

When researching for my latest post about vegan chain options I was in the middle of writing how fabulous it is to have ‘an option’ at Subway and not just a vegetable sandwich when I stumbled across the ingredients.

Sure enough, they contain egg.

To be honest with you I feel really stupid and pretty sick. I mean how ridiculous of me not to check it? I check everything else in my life!

So yes. Lesson learnt. Subway Veggie Patties – Unfriendly Vegan Find.

I’m sure most of you know this, and don’t listen to the people who clearly don’t know that vegan means no eggs too. But I thought I would pop this up, just in case any of you like me have been told they are suitable for vegans.

We can but hope that Subway will one day modify this recipe so that we can enjoy it too!


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