Vegan Friendly Find – Baskin Robbins Sorbets


I know it’s cold all over the world, but just in case you’re ever out with a group of people munching on something delicious looking that you can’t have – just grab yourself a Baskin Robbins.

Yes I’m aware that they are an ice cream chain so some people won’t like the idea of giving them money, but hey! I bet you shop at superstores that sell meat, or eat at restaurants that serve butter filled dessert (If you don’t do these things much respect to you).

Anyway, like most things that are unintentionally vegan you have to do your homework.

I’ve found a few ‘vegan friendly’ sorbets at the shop – such as the pink lemonade sorbet and citrus twist sorbet, but it involves reading the labels and googling the e-numbers.

Baskin Robbins website – https://www.baskinrobbins.com – helpfully doesn’t have sorbets listed so it really is a case of going into the shop and seeing what they have.

PLEASE NOTE – Baskin Robbins Sherbet flavours are not vegan (I made the mistake of not reading the label carefully and mistook sherbet for sorbet – yes I am that blind)


Fun Baskin Robbins fact for you –

John Robbins was heir to the Baskin Robbins ice cream empire, but he refused to partake in the family business.

Robbins became a vegan in his free-thinking adult years, and now avidly advocates a plant-based diet. He has help founded Earth Save International, an environmental advocacy organisation.