Vegan Friendly Finds – Tesco Produce

Sorry for those of you overseas, but for my British readers I’ve found the list (2015 updated and all!) of the produce in Tesco’s that’s Vegan!

Yes I know genius! Imagine going shopping with the list and never having to second guess hidden ingredients! Amazing, time saving and life changing news for my poor husband who spends half his life reading the ingredients of packets for me. 

Anyway – here’s the link, so save, print and share.

LINK HERE! – scroll to the end of the page and click the vegan PDF. 


Vegan Friendly Find: Savanna Dry Cider

Today’s Vegan Friendly Find is – Savanna Dry Cider.


I’ve spoke before about my love of Corona beer, not only is it delicious (and I love Mexican food) BUT it’s vegan.

Finding out if your booze is vegan can be really difficult, and there’s nothing worse than that awkward feeling of standing at a bar and looking for something you know you can drink, whilst everyone looks at you like your strange.

Wine is off the menu, cocktails take molecular science to work out what’s in them and standing with a pint of beer in your hand, although delicious, looks, well – laddy.

In Britain drinking is a serious hobby. It’s not something you do to relax, most the time it’s a weekend full of alcohol you cram in before heading back to work on a Monday. And I say Amen! To that!

I used to drink a LOT more than I do these days, part of the cut down has been living in a muslim country for the last year and a bit, so you know alcohol is the last thing you tend to crave due to fear of being sent to jail for being drunk on the streets, and the other part has been this blog, which has made me revisit every part of my life and question if it is truly vegan or not.

Note: You can drink in selected bars and hotels in Qatar, but it’s crazy expensive!

But anyway, I’m writing this blog sat in a jazz bar in Qatar and it just so happens to be ladies night! I get two free drinks and 50% off all future drinks. A jazz version of Britney is playing and life seems grand.

But what to drink?


Cider is always a pretty safe bet, but Savanna Dry I’ve never heard of… Turns out this South African drink is delicious.

Dry, sweet and best of all totally vegan – look here: http://www.savanna.co.za/about.q?countryNamespace=uk

The website says for those too lazy to click…

Savanna Dry is a clear 100% apple cider in a unique see through bottle and made from the juice of real South African apples. 5% ABV and energy content of 244 kJ/100 ml.

Savanna Light is made from the same crushed apple goodness, but has a lower alcohol by volume percentage. 3.00% ABV and energy content of 168 kJ/100ml.

So What’s In It Then?Or more importantly, what’s not?
Savanna is GMO-free which means there is no traceability of genetically modified organisms (GM’s) in ingredients and final packed product.

Savanna’s allergen status – Savanna doesn’t contain any of the following allergens: gluten containing cereals, crustaceans, peanuts, shell fruits (nuts), celery, mustard, sesame seed, lecithin, eggs, fish, caseinate.

Fact: Savanna Dry is Vegan

So go ahead people – everybody in the club getting tipsy!