Vegan Friendly Find – Jelly Tots

You’re in the cinema, friends grabbing sweets left, right and center, and you’re stuck looking at the ingredients of every sweet pack you can find (don’t get me started on pick’n’mix!)

Well now you can rest easy – as Jelly Tots are vegan!


I know Nestle are evil beyond belief for their baby formula scandal – but for those of you who want to enjoy sweet treats (including Shreddies) here’s a list of UK Vegan Nestle products –

Just make sure they are made in the UK and you’re safe.



3 thoughts on “Vegan Friendly Find – Jelly Tots

    • Thanks! 🙂

      PETAS list is great, but also can sometimes be wrong (eg it had PopTarts on it for agggeesssss and they aren’t Vegan at all!) so just keep checking as companies are super sneaky and change the ingredients all the time.

      P.s just found out Party Rings and Hobnobs -choc chip are Vegan – WINNING!

      • Ah yes, I had a similar warning from a friend about Oreos. Though vegan some may be made with palm oil which is pretty bad in the scheme of things! Looking forward to seeing more of your discoveries!

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