Becoming Vegan

EIGHT years ago when I decided to become vegan, I was the only vegan I knew.

In fact I hadn’t even met a vegan! My aunty was vegetarian for six years, but that was back in her ‘uni days’ and so it was described as some sort of hippy phase.

I remember making the decision and friends actually betting on when I would crack! (My friend Rachel bet me twenty quid I would break by a week – a lot to a 17 year old!)

Well here I am, unbroken, unwavering, and gladly friends with a more vegans than ever before.

It got me thinking though, when I first began there was no ‘Fry’s Chicken Nuggets’ available at my local Tesco’s – you had to make do, find your own recipes and pray to god you could make Tofu taste like anything other than just tofu!

A lot of discussions on WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook and everywhere else about vegans – seems to be talking to VEGANS. Preaching to the converted if you wish.

So I thought for anyone you know out there who is thinking about being vegan, or anyone who wants to become one, here are some handy links.

After all, this is what we’re all here to do right?

One thought on “Becoming Vegan

  1. I’m sorry George, I’mma let you finish but I’m going to kanye you a mo in your comments – hope you don’t mind! as a newly converted vegan (well… sort of, I am still in the process of becoming completely cruelty free in aspects of my life other than my diet) I’d love to see more things like this and more of people’s vegan stories, their motivations and how they have gotten on in their vegan journeys. I’ve found there is so much negative press about vegans (mostly from non vegans) that I try not to talk about my experiences too much and try not to ask advice and for help but it would be interesting to see how others came to be vegan… Can we get a discussion up in here?

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