Vegan friendly Find – Lotus Spread

So, you know those little Lotus biscuits you get with coffee? Well they’re vegan. But that’s not what this blog is about, so move onto the fact that some genius has made it into a spread. 

Yep. Buiscuit flavoured spread. 

It blew my mind. It will blow yours. 

Someone needs to make cupcakes with this pronto! 




Today’s Vegan Friendly Find – PEZ!!!

OK so it’s been a while as I spent the weekend in Dubai, but whilst there I made this amazing discovery.

Today’s Vegan Friendly Find is – PEZ!

Pez – the happy, nostalgia filled sweet is now on my, and your, list of sweet vegan snacks!

And you know what that means…. Awesome Pez dispensers! Oh yes!


I discovered Pez was vegan whilst in Candyland in the Dubai Mall (Which if you haven’t been, is SOOOO big it has an ice rink, a massive aquarium, cinema and full size dinosaur bones in it!)

Obviously I was very excited and felt – well, just like I was a kid in a candy shop!

I quickly snapped up a pack of Pez in different flavours and most importantly got a cool Ariel Pez dispenser. (Yes she’s my favourite Disney princess by far)

A Pez

This led to me and Benj saying ‘Ariaalll’ to each other like Sebastian the crab all day, so I suggest unless you want ‘Kiss the girl’ stuck in your head, get a Hello Kitty, or other non-musical themed one!

images (3)

I’m going to note here now though – that although Pez is vegan as far as I can see, I cannot tell you where the sugar was sourced from – and therefore it may be not vegan.

I’m struggling a lot with the sugar content in vegan products lately, and it seems 99% of vegan blogs ignores a sugar source and flat out say it’s vegan. Which of course it might not be.

My stance is that, I enjoy these products, knowing that there is a 99% chance that animal product is not in them – and if there is, it is a minute and untraceable amount, and I will stop eating it when and if it turns out there is.

As always, I don’t want to lie to you guys or be responsible for you eating something you don’t want to so i’m being honest as I can be.

I’ve emailed Pez to ask what source of sugar they use, and if it turns out it contains animal bones, then i’ll update this post and let you all know.

But for now, i’m going to enjoy those bad boys!

Please let me know what you guys do about sugar content in seemingly vegan friendly produce! x

P.s Strawberry is my best flavour.